Contractors to begin resurfacing Asheville streets, improving your driving experience

French Broad Paving
French Broad Paving Inc. of Marshall, N.C.

Asheville’s streets keep getting better, thanks to investments in annual resurfacing coupled with the bond program.


Two downtown streets will be resurfaced this year as part of the bond program. They include Carolina Lane and Langren Alley. Both alleys have been identified as beneficial pedestrian corridors and this resurfacing will improve the surface for both vehicular and pedestrian use.  French Broad Paving of Marshall won the contract for this bond resurfacing in the amount of $183,857.50.


So far more than 12 miles of roads have been resurfaced as part of the City bond program and those projects have also included stormwater improvements as well as sidewalk replacements as well as ADA and pedestrian access enhancements. Streets that have been resurfaced as part of the bond program have included all or portions of:

  • All Souls Crescent
  • Beverly Road
  • Birch Lane
  • Brooklyn Road
  • Caledonia Road
  • Caribou Road
  • Cherry Street
  • Cisco Road
  • Kenilworth Road
  • Lakeshore Drive
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  • Oakland Road
  • Old Haywood Road
  • Royal Pines Drive
  • Sycamore Drive
  • State Street


“The bond program generously approved by Asheville voters has allowed us to begin to address a backlog of infrastructure needs on our neighborhood streets, some of which are main connectors,” said Public Works Director Greg Shuler. “We are not only looking at the conditions of our roads, but to look at the multimodal needs of our neighborhoods, and assure an equitable distribution of our resources. The goal is that the investments benefit all areas of our City.”


And the improvements are not over. The bond program continues through 2023.


Keep up with the City’s bond programs by visiting our Bond/Capital Projects Dashboard.


Annual Resurfacing Program

In April, Tarheel Paving and Asphalt Inc. of Hendersonville was awarded a $1.5 million contract for the resurfacing of 16 streets City streets this summer,  and that work will begin throughout the City shortly. This work will provide for the repair and resurfacing of many poorly rated City-maintained roads.

And it will make the neighborhood sidewalks more ADA-compliant.


While construction is somewhat disruptive to  neighborhoods and traffic flow, efforts will be made to notify the neighborhoods affected and minimize disruptions.


Funding is provided in the Fiscal Year 2021 Streets Program. This funding is part of Public Works Streets Division annual resurfacing program and is not bond-funded.


Streets slated for resurfacing this season include the following:

  • Avon Avenue
  • Beaver Drive
  • Cedar Street
  • Century Boulevard
  • Cordova Street
  • Hubbard Boulevard
  • Kentucky Drive
  • Ottari Road
  • Ravenna Street
  • Richmond Hill Drive (Pearson Bridge to Thomas St.)
  • Rosscraggon Road (Sweeten Creek to bridge)
  • St. Davids Court
  • Stancliff Drive
  • West Chapel Road (Robinson Avenue to top of hill)
  • White Pine Drive (White Pine Court to end)
  • Wolfe Cove Road

Total: 4.45 miles