Construction on the Reed Creek Greenway continues

Reed Creek greenway photo
This new section of the Reed Creek Greenway was built as a public-private partnership between Sweetgrass Broadway LLC and the City of Asheville.



The Reed Creek Greenway is divided into two separate construction projects, one complete and the other in progress.


The section of the greenway from Elizabeth Street to the Chestnut Street bridge was built by Sweetgrass Broadway LLC during the construction of their brand new 5 Points, a multi-use development at 242 Broadway Ave.


The developer partnered with the City of Asheville to build the portion of the greenway on their parcel while they were developing the site. This was a great opportunity for both the City and the developer because constructing the greenway after the construction of the building would have been more difficult and an inconvenience to the building’s tenants.


“This has been a great example of a public/private partnership that promotes greenway development,” said Lucy Crown, Greenway Planner for the City of Asheville.  “We are so appreciative Sweetgrass Broadway LLC was willing to work with us on this project. This was definitely a win/win example for real estate/greenway development.”


The second section from Chestnut Street bridge to Magnolia is a project the City of Asheville will begin constructing this week, May 18.


The Reed Creek Greenway begins at the Botanical Gardens on W.T. Weaver Boulevard, and runs parallel to Broadway Avenue along Reed Creek, next to the Montford neighborhood.  It has a slightly urban feel, due to its proximity to development along portions of Broadway.


Spring is a great time of the year to get outside and enjoy a walk through our beautiful city! Asheville’s greenways are designed to promote active transportation as well as connect people to nature and opportunities to hike, bike or stroll outdoors. Visit the City of Asheville’s Greenways locator map at


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