CoA employees recognized for outstanding achievements

City of Asheville employees from throughout the organization and across multiple disciplines were recognized May 2 at the Asheville Way Awards. The event is organized each year to spotlight achievements that affirm the city’s core values of excellent service, continuous improvement, integrity, diversity and safety and welfare.


Whether it was dramatically reducing landfill waste through a single-stream recycling program or leading youth programs in schools, implementing systems that save money or intervening to save lives, the City of Asheville had much to celebrate this year.

“We are a better organization for the work that you do,” said Assistant City Manager Jeff Richardson.

Nine teams and 30 individuals were nominated by their fellow employees, with nine awards given.

“That’s probably the best part of these awards,” said Derrick Swing, the City’s human resources manager. “The nominees are picked by their peers. There is the sense that their coworkers really want to give credit where credit is due.”

See more photos at the City of Asheville’s flickr page.

The 2012 Asheville Way Award nominees are listed below, with the winners highlighted:

Continuous Improvement

Jamie Bullman (Water/Customer Services)
David Foster (Public Works)
Dave Stuart (Water Production
Ivan Thomas (Water/Maintenance)
Joel Tweed, Jr. (Water/Customer Services)


Brandon Buckner (Water/Meter Services)
Jerry Hill (Public Works/Fleet)
Derrick Swing (HR)


Christopher Daniels (Public Works/Streets)
Douglas Zuendt (Fire)

Safety and Welfare

Michelle Massey-Smith (Water)
Bernard McDowell (Public Works/Administration)
Keith McCulloch and Kevin Skoniezcny (APD)

Excellent Service

Phyllis Corns (Water/Customer Services)
Stephen Fridl (Fire)
Chris Maloney (Public Works/Sanitation)

Outstanding Leadership

Ron Kerns (Water/Administration)
Joy Ponder (Fire)
Jeff Staudinger (Planning)
Thomas “Shane” Williams (Public Works/Fleet)

Above and Beyond

Amanda Buchanan (APD/CID)
Janet Dack (Economic Development)
Joe Fioccola (APD/Support)
Krystal Frizzell (Finance & Management Services)
Karen Good (Water Production)
Robert Kun (Public Works/Engineering Services)
Sue McMullen (APD/Animal Services)
Randy Stallings (Planning)

Rising Star

Zachary McTaggart (APD/Animal Services)
Mark Stevens (Public Works/Fleet)

Outstanding Teamwork

Asheville U.S. Cellular Center Team (Civic Center): Karen Gillespie, Dan Dover, Benita Wynn, Anne Stafford, Marcia Hart, JC Gillespie, Jim Smith, John Ball, Richard Quick, Jeanine Crum, Norbert Irvin, Ian Moye, William Hyde, Jody Beck, Chris Scott.
Communications Team (APD/Support):  Cathey Trimnal, Joy Griffin, Joe Fioccola, Angela Young, Stephanie Bierce, Terry Darakjy, Susan Macmurchy, Scott Sutton, Dwight Danner, Chad Hyatt, Megan Young, Kristina Hoffman, Lynn Fraser, Hannah Combs, Jane Barbee, Kara Moyers, Karen Morris, Tim Bailey, Charles Parker, Rich Zayatz, Shelli Tayman, Evan Edwards, Harry Gillis, Angela Siciliano.
FY 10-11 Audit and CAFR Team (Finance and Management Services): Charity Constant, Jeanie Eplee, Beverly Evans, Eric Hardy, Samantha Jones, Tia Keith, Pat Liguori, Harry McDaniels, Tony McDowell, Amy Patterson, Carey Perkins, John Sanchez, Erin Wheeler.
Health Services & Building Safety Team: Mark Case, Nikki Reed, John Kutscher, Erik Hagen, Debbie Weisbeker, Nancy Walker, Karen Fountain, Pat McCall, Debbie Byrne, Marlene Hensley, Anne Hawes.
PC Rightsizing Team (IT): Kathy Wilson, Jeff Reble, Sonya Crump, Steven Frey, Larry Bopp, JJ Wilson, David Hutcherson, Debbie Ruff, Ellane Chandler, Gina Zachary.
Purchasing Team (Finance and Management Services): Amy Patterson, Lyle Willis, Donna Martin, Jim Wright, Otis McIntosh, Celia Lytle.
Recycling Team (Public Works/Finance): David Foster, Maggie Ullman, Richard Grant, Sonja Kun, Russell Roe, Laura Piraino.
Utility Billing Team (Water/Customer Services): Deb Romaine, Darlene Barnwell, Jamie Bullman.
Rapid Intervention Team Training Instructors (Fire): Sam Robertson, Chad Bryson, Adam Wilson, Mike Quinones, Eric Johnson, Dustin Cooper, Rafael Bango, Nate Rogers, Mike Webb, Patrick Crudup, Wes Rogers.