City responds to Aston Park encampment; Shelter provided for homeless still at site

top of Asheville City Hall building

Statement from  Assistant City Manager Cathy Ball, April 16, 2021:

Today was the end of the seven day notice for those who were illegally camping at Aston Park. City staff along with Homeward Bound has been continuously working with these individuals to provide support and shelter options since safety concerns were identified at the camp.

It is important to note there were two distinct groups of people who had tents erected on City property.

The first group consisted of people experiencing homelessness. At the end of the day today, there were 6 people still on site who did not have a place to shelter. All 6 people were offered shelter at the Red Roof Inn and all 6 accepted. A similar plan for providing low barrier shelter is being finalized for people in other camps who have been given notice to dismantle camps on City property.

A second group of tents was erected yesterday by protesters. After the people who needed shelter were taken to the Red Roof Inn, protesters remained on site. Protesters obstructed City staff attempts to remove the newly erected tents. It was explained to these individuals that they would be arrested if they continued to obstruct City staff’s cleanup of the site. At this time three protesters have been arrested.


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