City of Asheville’s Plan Reviewers log state’s highest building review certification

The City of Asheville’s Development Services announced this week that its entire Plan Review staff now has the highest level of building review certification available. Plan review certification by the State of North Carolina is awarded in three tiers, each determining what kinds of buildings an examiner is certified to review. Plan reviewer Jared Merrill’s recent level III certification means he joins the rest of the team in the state’s highest level of building review certification, with the ability to review plans for any building regardless of its size or use.

That, said Plans Examiner Supervisor Ron Evans, means an even smoother experience for customers who come to Development Services to submit plans for review, and a higher level of cross-communication within the office.

“If you have a good group of technical certification, you have a better ability to meet customer needs and stay within technical code requirements,” Evans said.

“This is an accomplishment,” said Development Services Director Robert Griffin. “All of our Plan Reviewers have the highest certification in Building, all are certified by the State and the International Code Council (the international organization who develops the foundation for NC’s Codes), one is a registered Architect, and one has a degree in architecture with just a few exams to become registered.”

Evans said all plan reviewers are encouraged to pursue higher certifications in different review categories, including plumbing, electrical and mechanical. Members of the Plan Review team, he said, already have achieved a healthy mix of those abilities as well, allowing for interchangeability when serving Development Services customers.

“It’s a continuing process,” Evans said. “We like to be cross trained so each person can take on a review if someone else in unavailable.”