City of Asheville to resume charging at its parking garages with installation of new equipment

Asheville Parking pay stations
Look for these new self-pay stations installed at the exits at City of Asheville parking garages.


The City of Asheville’s Parking Services Division is excited to announce the launch of new parking equipment in each of our four parking garages. Parking in the garages has been free while old equipment has been removed, and replaced with new.


The tentative launch dates for the new equipment are as follows for each parking garage:

  • November 1: Rankin Avenue Parking Garage and Wall Street Parking Garage;
  • November 8: Harrah’s Cherokee Center – Asheville Garage;
  • November 15: Biltmore Avenue Parking Garage.


Asheville Parking pay kiosk
Pedestrian self-pay kiosks have also been installed at the garages.

Once the new equipment is operational, new parking rates approved by City Council earlier this year will take effect. The first hour of parking will be provided free for all hourly stays in the City’s four garages. Each additional hour will be charged at $2, with a daily maximum of $20. For the full breakdown of parking fee changes, see the chart on page 21 at this link. 


Customers will be able to pay:

  • from their vehicles, using VISA or MasterCard credit or debit cards at payment kiosks located at the exit lanes of each of the garages, or;
  • at pedestrian kiosks, available at all garages before returning to a vehicle, using VISA, MasterCard or cash (bills only, no coins will be accepted).


Current monthly access card holders at each parking garage will need to sign up for new access cards; they can do so by calling Parking Services at 828-259-5792 or emailing


Parking space availability (on the Where’s Parking webpage of the City of Asheville website or via the The Asheville App) for the garages may be unavailable for a few days leading up to, and after the launch of new equipment. Additional staff will be available to assist patrons during the launch period, and all entry kiosks, pay-in-lane kiosks, and pedestrian payment kiosks will also have 24/7 video intercom assistance.