City of Asheville offers people at Riverbend Park encampment relocation to hotel

Asheville Riverbend Park sign


In advance of the deadline to those illegally camping at Riverbend Park, the City of Asheville worked in partnership with Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness the evening of April 19 to relocate unsheltered people at the encampment to temporary housing at a local hotel.


Using federal funds anticipated from the American Rescue Plan, the City was proactive in assisting people experiencing homelessness in this encampment by strategically identifying a temporary housing opportunity for people in this park.


Approximately 40 people experiencing homelessness were offered temporary housing at a local hotel, which they accepted. In cooperation with Sunrise workers, campers were allowed to pack their belongings and were then transported to the hotel via vans.


Following relocation of the campers, Riverbend Park will be closed to the public until further notice for cleanup. 


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