City of Asheville launches visual design survey on planned fire station

Fire Station 13 illustration with logo


How might you like our new fire station to look?


The City of Asheville has launched a visual preference survey on a planned Fire Station 13. In this survey on Open City Hall Asheville, participants will be asked to select up to three images that illustrate their preferred design styles.


The City of Asheville held a community meeting on March 11, 2019, to share information about a new fire station project planned for property on Broadway Street near Mount Clare Avenue.


The purpose of this survey is to identify the design style preferences of the Asheville community for this new station. The information compiled from this survey will be used as the architect team moves forward with the exterior architectural features of the new station, as budget allows. Results will be shared on the project page.


For general information about this project, please visit our informational webpage on the City of Asheville website.

Here is a link to the survey.