City of Asheville launches recycling pilot project in Asheville Housing Authority communities

The City of Asheville strives to be a leader in sustainability, stating in the City Council’s Strategic Operating Plan the goal of taking sustainability practices to the next level by implementing ways to reduce city-wide solid waste. With the Zero Waste AVL recycling program, the City is making strides towards reducing the trash sent to landfills. A goal of the program is to make recycling easier and more convenient.
The City of Asheville’s Office of Sustainability and Department of Sanitation, in partnership with the Asheville Housing Authority’s Residents’ Council and Asheville GreenWorks, have developed a pilot project to improve recycling services in three of Asheville Housing’s developments for 280 households that were formerly without access to recycling. The aim is to divert 14 tons of waste from entering the landfill, increase public awareness about recycling and recycle 14 tons of materials by June 30, 2016.
Starting Oct. 1, the City extended its recycling services contract to include pickup in the Livingston, Erskine and Walton Housing Developments.
With $21,625 in funding from the N.C. Dept. of Environmental Quality, the City provided 280 in-apartment recycling bins and 280 large rolling cart recycling bins for curbside pickup. With the in-apartment bins, a flyer and refrigerator magnets promoting the recycling program were delivered to all 280 apartments.
Materials that can be recycled that are currently being thrown away along with other residential trash include plastics #1 through #7, glass, paper, metals and cardboard and cartons.
“The City of Asheville’s Sustainability Office is pleased to offer multifamily housing residents an opportunity to reduce waste and increase their recycling opportunities,” said Amber Weaver, Chief Sustainability Officer. “Thus far, the feedback from the community has been well received; the Southside residents are eager to begin the program.”
For more information, contact Amber Weaver, Chief Sustainability Officer, at or 828-271-6141. For more information about the City’s Office of Sustainability, visit