City hires Dana Frankel as Downtown Development Specialist

In November 2015, Asheville City Council authorized a new Downtown Development Specialist position to provide the high level of coordination needed between City departments and downtown stakeholders.

The City of Asheville is pleased to announce that Dana Frankel has been hired to fill this role.

“The position will be the first point of contact for the downtown stakeholders, coordinating stakeholder concerns and providing reports to citizens on important information regarding the downtown area,” Assistant City Manager Cathy Ball said about the new role. Frankel will also serve as the staff liaison for the Downtown Commission.

Frankel is an Asheville native and is a graduate of Asheville High School. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community and Regional Planning from Appalachian State University, and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from City University of New York ‑ Hunter College.

“We are confident that Dana will build relationships and be a valuable new resource for downtown and South Slope businesses and residents. And that she will expand the City outreach and responsiveness to downtown stakeholders,” said City Manager Gary Jackson. “The City of Asheville and its citizens will benefit from her background and perspective.”

Frankel began work on May 31.