City of Asheville celebrates new homeowners with Habitat for Humanity

Vice Mayor Sanra Kilgore stnads with new Habitat for Humanity homeowner

For those hoping to secure a home – there’s nothing quite like signing your name on the dotted line. 

On August 3, several City of Asheville Council Members were on hand to watch that dream come true for some local families.

The City of Asheville was one of the sponsors, working with the local nonprofit Habitat for Humanity,  to provide housing at New Heights in West Asheville. 

City Manager Debra Campbell and Councilwoman Maggie Ulman joined Vice Mayor Sandra Kilgore in welcoming the new homeowners during a key dedication ceremony. 

Home seekers can help secure their future through some hard work with the Habitat for Humanity program. Potential owners can contribute at least 200 hours in sweat equity to their new homes, then repay an affordable mortgage to Habitat, which goes towards building additional affordable homes.