City of Asheville announces Jeremy Knighton to serve as Assistant Fire Chief

professional headshot of Jeremy Knighton in uniform

The City of Asheville, NC  is pleased to announce Jeremy Knighton as Assistant Fire Chief.

As part of our fire department’s commitment to continuous improvement, we are constantly assessing how we can best fulfill our mission. The role of overseeing emergency management within our City, as well as our community, has evolved significantly over the past few years. To meet these demands effectively, the position overseeing emergency management has been reclassified from Division Chief to Assistant Fire Chief.

Jeremy Knighton, who currently serves as our Emergency Manager, will transition into this reclassified role effective immediately.

Jeremy Knighton has over two decades of dedicated service with AFD, complemented by an associate’s degree in fire protection technology from AB Tech and a bachelor’s degree in emergency and disaster management from Western Carolina University. With 21 years of service at AFD, Jeremy’s expertise is underscored by his recent achievements, spearheading the overhaul of Asheville’s emergency operations plan and continuity of operations plan. His leadership also extended to overseeing the conception and implementation of the city’s new emergency operations center, showcasing his commitment to preparedness and effective crisis management.

We congratulate Assistant Fire Chief Jeremy Knighton for his dedication to elevating emergency management standards, not only for the AFD but also for the City of Asheville and our community.