City of Asheville and Buncombe County Community Reparations Commission meeting, February 20, 2023

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The Community Reparations Commission is empowered to make short, medium, and long-term recommendations that will make significant progress toward repairing the damage caused by public and private systemic racism. The task of the Reparations Commission is to issue a report in a timely manner for consideration by the City, County, and other participating community groups for incorporation into their respective short-term and long-term priorities and plans. 

Find the meeting recording on YouTube at this link.


Community Reparations Commission Meeting – February 20, 2023

Agenda Item


I. Call to Order and Declaration of Quorum

Quorum is met.

Volunteer aid for the commission was called.

II. Roll Call  Roll was called.
III. Action Item: Approval of Agenda Agenda was approved.
IV. Action Item: Approval of Minutes Minutes were approved.

V. IFA Updates

  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Housing
  • Criminal Justice

VI. Follow Up

  • Education: Recommendations include teacher recruitment and retention, community based education programs, and school suspension and expulsion. (0:14 Time Stamp)
  • Economic Development: Recommendations include business and workforce development. (0:25 Time Stamp)
  • Health and Wellness: Recommendations include provisions of access to free healthcare, eliminating bias for staff and providers, stopping the harm. To address disparities leading to inadequate health care. (0:32 Time Stamp)
  • Housing: Displacement of Black homes due to urban renewal was addressed. The recommendation brought up is to have all City and County owned land returned to the Black community. (0:43 Time Stamp)
  • Criminal Justice: Recommendation over the disproportionate arrest of Black individuals include the funding of record expungement clinics and the funding to re-entry services.(0:52 Time Stamp)

VII. Old Business

a. Vote of Code of Ethics Policy

b. Vote on New Project Timeline

c. Audit Recommendation Scope Working Group

The motion to pass the vote of code of ethics was approved.

The vote on the new project will be on hold for further discussion.

VIII. New Business

Speaker – Racial Justice Coalition 

Roundtable Check-in with Commission Members


IV. Public Comment


X. Wrap-up

Adjourned at 8:04 p.m.



NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Community Reparations Commission is scheduled for March 20, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.  at Harrah’s Cherokee Center – Banquet Room:  87 Haywood Street,  Asheville, NC 28801


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