City Council invests in our community through capital improvement and bond project funding approval

Wood Avenue street scene
Wood Avenue will get a sidewalk leading to the ART bus stop under a capital project approved by City Council July 23.

Bond and capital projects approved by City Council July 23 reflect an array investments the City is making to provide for  a more pedestrian-safe community. They also incorporate a parks bond project, one of many park projects under way as part of the bond program that enrich our quality of life.


Under the consent agenda, Council approved:


    •         $498,740 for the Wood Avenue Neighborhood Sidewalk project, which will provide improved connectivity and accessibility for the neighborhoods southeast of the Asheville Mall area. The project calls for installation of a new 6-foot sidewalk on the westside of Wood Avenue that will provide connectivity to a transit stop. This aligns with the City’s pedestrian plan. This project will also be ADA compliant.


    •         Two partnership projects between the City and NCDOT. One is for a shared cost of installation of a sidewalk along the south side of Long Shoals Road in conjunction with NCDOT’s I-26 widening project in that area. Though approved now, the project is expected to be completed between Fiscal Year 2022-2023 or Fiscal Year 2023-2024. The other is for pedestrian crosswalks at three traffic signals along Airport Road from Hendersonville Road to the western end of Walmart at 60 Airport Road. This work is scheduled for summer of 2020.


  •         $305,662 for a Richmond Hill Park restroom facility and a picnic shelter, as part of the bond program. Popular with disc golfers and dog walkers, this park currently lacks such facilities. These upgrades will improve the park experience for all users. The new facilities are being installed in response to resident input regarding desired park improvements.


These are a few examples of the investments the City of Asheville is making to enhance the quality of life for our residents and provide for a safer community for pedestrians. The City’s Capital Projects and Bond Program are used to fund these enhancements.


Here are links to the four consent agenda items, which include staff reports that go into these projects in more detail:

Item B Bond park project

Item D Sidewalk, to include partnership with NCDOT

Item E Pedestrian signal, to include partnership with NCDOT          

Item L Sidewalk, part of the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program