Celebrate Earth Day by participating in #AVLFoodWasteChallenge

Asheville Sanitation truck
Look for the Save the Food AVL logo on City of Asheville Sanitation vehicles soon!


In March, Asheville City Council declared April to be Food Waste Reduction Month. Here is how you can celebrate Earth Day 2021 by participating in #AVLFoodWasteChallenge today!


Food waste reduction matters because up to 40% of food in the US is wasted, contributing to negative environmental, economic and societal impacts. Much of this food waste is preventable, making local and household level food waste reduction initiatives impactful and important in the effort to curb our waste, save our landfill space, and feed ourselves and our neighbors.


Food Waste Solutions WNC has organized a Home Food Waste Challenge so that you can learn and share ways to reduce food waste in your home. We can learn from each other as a community and raise awareness and enthusiasm around reducing food waste.


Did we mention that there are some fun prizes involved? Check them out here.


Here is how you can participate: 

  • Conduct a Home Food Waste Audit: Use this form.
  • Share your fave food waste hacks: Check out this cool recipe to repurpose last night’s leftovers for today’s lunch!
  • Spot the truck: Get a photo of one of our trucks sporting the new ‘Save the Food’ logo
  • Show us food waste reduction in action: Is a restaurant redistributing food? A neighbor feeding food scraps to their chickens or turning their compost? Take a pic — we want to see!


Use our hashtags!

Each time you complete an activity and post to social media including Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Use these hashtags #AVLFoodWasteChallenge, #SavetheFoodAVL, #SavetheFoodWNC, #NRDCFoodMatters. Be sure to tag @wncfoodwaste so your posts are seen.


Ways to work food waste reduction into your world

Food waste reduction starts with smart shopping, creative use of left-overs, and careful fridge organizing so food doesn’t go to waste, but there will always be scraps, and food scraps = soil wealth!  You can compost at home and in our community to recycle your food scraps into rich compost to benefit your garden and keep your scraps out of the landfill! Learn more about composting here and check out the free workshops below to get free bin building and kitchen tote materials to start composting today! 


Virtual Composting Workshop

April 23, 6 p.m.

Register here for this presentation that will include an overview of the different types of composting, why it’s important, the science behind composting, and how to start your own compost or improve your current practices. 


Stop Food Waste Virtual Event

April 28 at 2 p.m

Register now and join us as we commemorate Stop Food Waste Day on Wednesday, April 28, with an incredible event featuring more than 25+ luminary leaders discussing the importance and offering solutions in how we solve food loss and food waste.


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