Bike skills park to be built at Richmond Hill Park

Outdoors bike skills course


Construction will soon begin on a new bike skills park located within Richmond Hill Park (see concept map and skills board below).


The project is a collaboration between the City of Asheville Parks & Recreation Department and Pisgah Area Southern Offroad Biking Association (Pisgah Area SORBA). This addition to the park is a natural surface trail approximately 2,500 foot long that includes portions of the existing purple trail, user-created trails, and new construction. It will contain features designed to build specific skills needed for mountain biking with options for beginner to advanced riders, including young children on balance bikes.


The City is contributing $10,000 toward the project from the Capital Improvements budget and provides the land. Pisgah Area SORBA is providing approximately $30,000 to fund the majority of the project and has contracted with Nature Trails LLC based in Charlotte to provide construction. Pisgah Area SORBA has also agreed to help maintain the trail for three years.


Construction is planned to begin the end of July and will take approximately four weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions.


For more information about the project, visit this informational webpage. To learn more about Pisgah Area SORBA, visit or  For information about all Asheville Parks & Recreation projects and programs, visit the website at or on Facebook at