Bele Chere Top 10 Things to Know: navigating the festival and doing it safely

#4: Find your way

One of the best parts of Bele Chere is wandering around the festival, running into unexpected friends and searching for treasures in artist booths or stumbling upon a fantastic street performer.

But sometimes, you want to get somewhere right now, be it a band or a bathroom, and you need to know how to make it from A to B.

Attendees can find information booths scattered throughout the Bele Chere grounds, both on the perimeter and in the center of the festival. Once there, volunteers are available to point the way and hand out festival maps.

There will also be roving information booths meandering about among the festival crowd and dishing out directions to fellow wanderers. Look for the people carrying signs that say “Bele Chere Info.” They know where to go.

For a peek at what to expect this year, click on this map of the festival layout or download your own printable copy here.


This information and more can be found at

#3: Enjoy Bele Chere safely

The Bele Chere festival is a great time full of free music, fun and performance, but it is also hot, crowded, subject to thunderstorms and sunshine alike. So make sure to enjoy it safely by following these tips from Asheville Fire Department Public Information Officer Kelley Klope:

Be prepared for crowds – think about the shoes you wear and the items you bring.
Because of the crowds, strollers are difficult to maneuver around.

Temperatures at Bele Chere are often very hot – prepare with sunscreen, water and protective clothing.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Water, juice, sports drinks or even milk will help. Soda is not an effective hydrator.

Watch your intake of alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol, even the day before exposure to heat, can exacerbate dehydration.

“Especially be aware of your children and limit their exposure to the heat and sun,” Klope says. “Please listen to your body and its reaction to the heat and sun and try not to wait until it is too late.” Take breaks in air conditioning or shade and take advantage of the misting tents located at Bele Chere.

Wear loose, light fitting clothing and a hat or use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

Sudden thunderstorms often erupt in afternoons. Bring umbrellas or rain gear and be aware of safe places to go for cover (example – parking garages).

Asheville Fire Department will be onsite to treat injuries and heat-related issues, so seek help if you or someone in your party is experiencing problems. First-aid tents will be located at the corners of Patton Avenue and Church Street and at College Street and Lexington Avenue.