Asheville’s U.S. Cellular Center offers new and improved menu

ASHEVILLE — The U.S. Cellular Center is announcing a new and expanded menu for concessions selections at upcoming events to be held at the facility.


Fresh philosophy

The U.S. Cellular Center is saying goodbye to pre-wrapped items that emerge from a warming drawer wrapped in a wad of foil.  Starting September 16 at our first event and throughout the upcoming season, all food items will be served straight from the grill or roller-grill.  Additionally all buns at the facility will now be delivered fresh, not frozen, guaranteeing the most fresh taste and experience to our guests.


New menu items and vegetarian options

Hickory Nut Gap Local Dog

The venue’s food and beverage team has partnered with local meat provider Hickory Nut Gap to offer a local dog option. Hickory Nut Gap beef is 100% grass-fed and pasture raised with no added hormones or antibiotics.


Marinated Portobello Sandwich*

Portobello mushroom, marinated in Greek vinaigrette with feta, grilled to perfection and served with sliced pepper jack cheese, arugula and chipotle aioli.


Signature Smokehouse Burger*

This 5.3-ounce burger is served with sliced aged cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and a tangy Western North Carolina barbecue sauce.


Other new items include garlic fries, beer cheese for pretzels, churros, North Carolina pulled pork barbecue, and an upgraded chip and candy selection.


*These items are available at select Arena events only.


Expanded adult beverage options

The upcoming new menu will also include a second, more premium, tier of wine and liquor selections as well as a 24-ounce draft beer option and local cider option


The new tier of wine will be Trinity Oaks, an environmentally conscious winery that plants a tree for every bottle purchased. Since 2008, the winery has planted over 15 million trees.  Based on past sales history, the U.S. Cellular Center hopes to be responsible for the planting of an additional 1,000 trees this upcoming event season.


As has been the case for three years now, all brews served at the facility are only from companies within the 828 area code.


Composting is coming too!

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium will begin composting this fall. All patrons will have the ability to separate waste according to landfill, recycling and compost. Bins marked for compostable items will be stationed in guest areas.

The food and beverage team is doing its part by using only compostable or recyclable materials, as available, in an effort to bring the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium one step closer to a zero waste facility.


For more information about upcoming events including a full list of announced events at the US Cellular Center Asheville please visit