Improvements coming to Asheville’s South Pack Square Plaza

South Pack Square Plaza will see some enhancements soon.


The improvements to the plaza at the intersection of Biltmore and Patton Avenues are designed to improve the way people move through the area  and enhance its suitability as a popular location for street performers. They are part of City of Asheville’s public space management initiatives focusing on safety and place-making downtown.

The work is scheduled to take place during the early morning hours of 7 and 10 a.m. March 9 with minimal disruption.

At a stakeholder forum and special meeting of City Council’s Public Safety Committee last year, staff was directed to pursue improvements to the space that would enhance pedestrian flow and reduce congestion in this heavily used area. Some elements have already been addressed, including improvements to signal timing to maximize pedestrian crossing times at this intersection and pushcart relocation for the 2017-2018 season in this and other congested areas. Upcoming changes include:

  • Installation of new benches
  • Placement of new planters (fabricated by a local metal worker) for enhanced safety and beautification
  • Relocation of the trash/recycling bins to maximize use


The improvements were planned in coordination with the property owner and adjacent business owner, with shared maintenance responsibilities of the planters by Rhubarb.

This conceptual sketch shows  the elements that are being incorporated into the improvements.

For more information, contact Asheville Downtown Development Specialist Dana Frankel at 828-251-4051 or