Asheville Police Department update on body worn camera implementation

The Asheville Police Department is continuing with plans to implement a body worn camera program. The most recent step is the posting of a Law Enforcement Technology Specialist position which will be responsible for administering the program to the highest standards.  The community will see officers with body cameras as soon as early summer of 2016.


In consultation with the City Attorney’s Office, a policy has been completed and is closely based on the model policy issued by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and aligned with the recommendations contained in the Police Executive Research Forum’s “Implementing a Body Worn Camera Program” report.


“The Asheville police department is committed to community partnership through clear and regular communication,” said Asheville Police Chief Tammy Hooper. “We recognize this is a subject that interests the community and look forward to running a strong program aimed at improving legitimacy and community trust.”


Body camera recordings captured by police officers are typically investigative in nature and not usually public records under North Carolina law (§132.1-4). The policy does state that the Chief of Police may permit a recording to be viewed by an individual making a complaint against an officer.