Asheville Police Chief David Zack issues statement regarding destruction of water bottles

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A statement from Asheville Police Chief David Zack:


Transparency and accountability is what our community expects and deserves. As the Chief of Police I understand the concern has been raised over the destruction of water, food, and medical supplies. The Asheville Police Department (APD) would always prefer confiscation over destruction. We apologize for not being able to confiscate these supplies last night.


Over the past three days APD has tried to eliminate objects that can be thrown at protesters and law enforcement. Because water bottles, in particular, have been continuously used over the last three nights, officers destroyed them. Officers also searched for potentially dangerous objects, such as explosives.


The supply station was not permitted by the City of Asheville and was located on private property, without the permission of the property owner. The actions involving the supply station occurred following multiple warnings, and after the 8 p.m. city-wide curfew.


Last night, the city-wide curfew, coupled with law enforcement strategies and peaceful protesters, led to no physical injuries and minor property damage in the downtown area.


We care about the safety of the protesters in our community. The Asheville Fire Department and the Buncombe County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are always available, and have been staffed during the events, to treat those with injuries. Both of these agencies have been closely monitoring the protests for injuries. These services can be requested by contacting 9-1-1.