Asheville Police Academy Graduates 22 Cadets

On April 29, the Asheville Police Department, City of Asheville officials, friends, and family members gathered to recognize the graduation of 22 cadets from the Asheville Police Academy. The department’s newest officers were sworn in and received their badges in a ceremony held at A-B Tech’s Ferguson Auditorium.

“Congratulations to each of you. We are proud of each and every one of you,” said Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy. “Thanks also to your friends and families for their support.”

APD Chief Bill Hogan and City Manager Gary Jackson also had words of thanks and praise for the cadets, who put in 1,000 hours of work alongside volunteer time to complete the APD’s academy.

“Congratulations,” Hogan said. “You put a lot of long hours getting through this program.”

“You took the challenge and you measured up,” Jackson said. “We hope and pray for your well being, because you are the ones who put your safety on the line every day.”

The ceremony was led by academy instructor Lt. Gary Gudac, and badges were pinned by loved ones in attendance. The officers were sworn in by Asheville City Council member Jan Davis.

Mayor Bellamy also appealed to the new graduates to uphold the level of community interaction undertaken by the Asheville Police Department.

“It is incumbent upon you to engage with citizens and represent not only the department but the community as a whole,” Bellamy said.

The most recent graduates of the Asheville Police Academy are:

Joshua T. Andrews                                                                       Toby R. Braswell
Noland C. Brown                                                                           David V. Bruchon
Brad A. Butterfield                                                                         Kevin W. Creasman
Ismael DelRosario                                                                        Travis J. Edwards
James E. French                                                                           Nathaniel D. Gearles
Brian P. Hernandez                                                                      Kendrick T. Johnson
Lucas L. Lovelace                                                                         Abraham Mata
Jefferson D. May                                                                           Jenna M. Mellon
Dane R. Onderdonk                                                                     Stephen E. Pinkerton
Daniel G. Simpson                                                                       Allen R. Snedeker
William R. Vanderberg                                                                Rayleon Ward