Asheville Mayor calls on activists to exercise their rights peacefully

Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer calls on activists to exercise their rights peacefully, with respect for the law, and with respect for others.


“Since Charlottesville, the people of Asheville have overwhelmingly expressed that they oppose Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist agendas,” the Mayor noted. “Since Charlottesville, more people have become galvanized to work together to dismantle institutional racism and promote equity. It’s not just happening in Asheville — people all over America are taking to the streets to demonstrate their concerns and frustrations.”


“I call on everyone in Asheville to commit to peaceful, lawful, nonviolent means of expressing of your views,” Mayor Manheimer said. “If you believe in the dignity of all people, if you are fighting for dignity for yourself or others, I encourage you to demonstrate that belief in all of your words and deeds.”


The City Council’s 2013 Resolution Endorsing the Protection of Civil Liberties for All Citizens affirms Council’s pledge to uphold the constitutional rights and civil liberties of any and all persons, Mayor Manheimer said. “We remind everyone that expressions of free speech must remain peaceful,” she added.


The Vance Monument and Pack Square Park are public spaces that consistently host community events ranging from festivals to rallies. This weekend there will be two permitted events in that area, and the City also expects impromptu gatherings related to the Confederate monument and Vance Monument in that area.


The Asheville Wine & Food Festival is a permitted event in the park for Aug. 18-19 and Shindig on the Green will be held in the park on evening of Aug. 19.



Asheville Mayor Manheimer issues statement condemning hate speech, promoting unity