Asheville emergency communications tower to be replaced this fall

The City of Asheville is in the process of replacing one of our public safety communications towers on Beaucatcher Ridge at the former White Fawn Reservoir site. This site has been an excellent resource in support of radio communications for police, fire departments, and state highway patrol agencies in our region for more than 25 years.


The Lower White Fawn Tower stands at 180 feet and is visible to the southeast of City Hall. As a result of new construction standards, the current structure is being replaced with an upgraded tower to continue providing service to the region.


The replacement tower will stand the same height of 180 feet with its base immediately adjacent to the existing tower. When construction completes, and all radio equipment has been moved to the new tower, the older tower will be completely removed. Site preparation is under way now, and the replacement tower will be assembled beginning in mid-September.


During construction, the old and new towers will be visible on the skyline for 90 to 120 days as the project moves to completion. The project is expected to yield improved emergency radio service beginning in late 2017 with removal of the old tower being complete in January of 2018.


Anyone who wants more information about the project can contact the project manager, Jeff Reble, at


Anyone from the community with questions or concerns about the project is encouraged to contact Interim Neighborhood Coordinator Ashley Traynum-Carson at 828-259-5506 or .