Demolition paves way for affordable housing project

Demolition on City-owned property to make way for affordable housing on Hilliard Avenue has begun.

In June, Asheville City Council voted to approve a 64-unit apartment complex project aimed at alleviating the city’s severe lack of affordable housing. Quality, affordable housing is a key goal in City Council’s 2036 Vision statement.

The resolution authorized lease of City-owned property by Kassinger Development Group for the development of affordable housing at 338 Hilliard Ave.

The proposed project will provide 33 units affordable to households at 80% or less of median income, with 13 of those units being rented to households earning 60% AMI (Area Median Income) or less. The developer has committed to a 50-year affordability period, ensuring these units will remain affordable for many households to access.

This property was formerly used as an Asheville Parks & Recreation maintenance facility.