Asheville City Council approves Pritchard Park improvement project

At its Feb. 14 meeting, Asheville City Council approved a budget amendment, in the amount of $232,349, to establish a capital budget for the Pritchard Park improvements. This project can now go forward.

The improvements to Pritchard Park are designed to contribute to a safe and inviting urban public space.

Construction is expected to take place March through May and include improved lighting, landscaping, irrigation, an all-season drinking fountain and fencing to protect a large tree and some of the landscaping.

As previously noted, the park will not be closed during the improvements, though there may be rolling closures to portions of the park while lighting, landscaping and other improvements are installed.

The improvements are intended to address issues that have developed in the park over time related to heavy use, including tree and plant health, functionality of seating areas and programmed spaces, attractiveness of landscaping, and improved visibility for safety.

After additional public engagement requested by Council, the plan was amended to not put in fencing on the east side of Pritchard Park but instead to make that a mulched area with the addition of boulders for people to sit on. The revised design is shown above.