Asheville City Council approves funds for an annual street resurfacing project

road paving file photo

City Council, during their July 26 meeting, unanimously approved $659,654.00 plus a 15% contingency of $98,948.10 ($758,602.10 total) for the  Fiscal Year (FY) 22 in funds for the Asphalt Preservation Contract. Funding for this contract has already been budgeted in the General Capital Projects Fund as part of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  This is the second contract and second set of roads to be addressed under this funding.

The  contract was awarded to Bryant’s Land and Development Industries, Inc. after an extensive outreach and solicitation process.

“This project will focus on preventive maintenance of several streets throughout the City,” says director of Public Works Greg Shuler. “It allows us to invest into roads that are in good to fair condition, and extend their useful life before they need an expensive full rehabilitation. It’s smart money and extends the impact of our tax dollars, while improving the quality of life for our community.”

This contract will preserve 2.32 miles of City streets.

STREET                                                                              LENGTH (MILES)

College Street (Beaumont St. to Beaucatcher Rd.) 0.05
Edgelawn Road (Midland Dr. to Stratford Rd.) 0.28
Fenner Avenue (Stillwell St. to Lookout Dr.) 0.30
Grovepoint Way 0.08
Lookout Road (Barnard Ave. to End of Maintenance) 0.14
Mardell Circle (Downing St. to Woodstock Ln.) 0.18
N. Bear Creek Road (Bear Creek Dr. to W. Rash Rd.) 0.92
Ozark Spring Lane 0.12
Stillwell Street 0.03
Thurland Avenue (Keebler Rd. to dead end) 0.22


Asphalt preservation is a process that applies a thin layer of a mixture of asphalt and stone to the existing asphalt surface (as opposed to a full overlay which is 1½- to 2-inch thick). The “preservation treatment” will add to the lifespan of existing payment and will delay the need for full street resurfacing.

Preservation is a relatively quick process. Most streets should take only one to two days to complete.  Full street closures are not expected during the execution of these road works. Drivers will experience flagging operations as each area is addressed.

Community members will be alerted approximately one week before works are carried out in their area. 



Streets Division Hard at Work


The City of Asheville currently maintains approximately 404 miles of streets and 195 miles of sidewalk within the city. Asheville has a total of 564 miles of City- and State-maintained streets within the City limits.  The City of Asheville has the authority in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes to accept streets into its adopted system for maintenance. The City of Asheville Public Works Department maintains an official inventory of streets that have been accepted for maintenance by the City. 


All streets listed in the Street Inventory are considered City-maintained streets. All other streets in the city are either privately maintained or maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Click here for the complete City Maintained Street inventory.


 To report potholes or other maintenance needs, use the Asheville App or call 828-259-5852.