Asheville buses will provide free rides to the polls Nov. 8

Public transportation fare waived Election Day


Anyone who is registered to vote and wants to vote should be able to vote. That’s the basis of an Asheville City Council resolution authorizing a fare-free public transportation day on Election Day,  Nov. 8. The measure was approved at the Oct. 25 City Council meeting.

“Voting is the foundation of our democracy,” said Mayor Esther Manheimer. “Fare free transit days are an inexpensive way to demonstrate support for people who do not have access to affordable transportation and assure access to polls for all registered voters.”

At the July 1971 ceremony formalizing the ratification of the 24th Amendment abolishing the poll tax, President Lyndon Johnson stated, “Nothing is so valuable as liberty, and nothing is so necessary to liberty as the freedom to vote without bans or barriers.”

The usual fare on all City of Asheville ART buses will be waived the entire day, Tuesday, Nov. 8.