Help shape Asheville by serving on a City board or commission

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Looking for a way to get involved in local government and play a part in shaping the future of Asheville? Serving on a City of Asheville board or commission is a great place to start. More than 250 people serve on 35 advisory boards and help guide policy decisions for the City of Asheville. Put your perspective, leadership and knowledge to task by serving on one of many City advisory committees.

Currently there are openings on five committees or boards. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. Jan. 3.

For an application form, please visit of City’s Boards and Commissions webpage or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 259-5839 or by e-mail at

To see monthly listings of openings on Council boards and commissions, visit this link.


Current vacancies


Board of Adjustment — This board has the following duties:

  • Hears and decides applications for approval of variances from the terms of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), except where the UDO places responsibility for hearing or considering such a variance with another body;
  • Hears and decides appeals from any order, requirement, permit, decision or determination issued or made by an administrative officer of the City in enforcing any provisions of the UDO;
  • Serves as the City’s Housing Code Appeals Board; and
  • Performs such additional powers and duties as may be set forth elsewhere in the UDO and in other laws and regulations.


Downtown Commission — The commission was established for the sustainability and continued development of downtown, a vital urban center of Western North Carolina’s economic, cultural and visitor activity.  The commission’s purposes include:

  • Recommending to City Council overall policies for the continued development and sustainability of downtown;
  • Providing recommendations for effective management of the public resources for downtown and actively pursuing and assisting private sector investment in the downtown area for the welfare of the citizens of Asheville;
  • Carrying out the powers and duties assigned to the commission regarding downtown design review; and
  • Cooperating with, evaluating and representing recommendations of other organizations.


Metropolitan Sewerage District Board — The members review the operation of the Metropolitan Sewerage District, as well as holding hearings on issues at hand.


Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment (SACEE) — This committee  undertakes initiatives, at a City level, and participates in larger community and regional discussions, to improve the environment, encourage green development and support the development of a healthy community.


Tree Commission — The purpose of the Tree Commission is to foster the preservation, planting, replacement and removal of trees without denying the reasonable use and enjoyment of real property.  The Commission’s responsibilities include: facilitate the planting, growth and protection of trees within the City; foster the communication and coordination among the citizens of the City that would provide the needed support for protection of trees within the City; and conduct continuing research, planning and feasibility assessments required to support the purposes of the Commission.