Artist chosen for public art installation at renovated ART Transit Center

Wyatt Grant artwork
Wyatt Grant's draft sketch for the mural, which will be produced in color.


Renovations at the ART Transit Center will be enhanced with the installation of public art in the waiting room and ticket area. A team representing City staff, ART Operations staff, Better Buses Together and the Public Art and Cultural Commission have chosen Asheville-based artist Wyatt Grant to design murals for the center, 49 Coxe Ave.

“I’ve had great experiences using ART and understand how vital it is to connecting the residents of our city,” said Grant. “It also goes without saying that it directly supports our vibrant art community by making it accessible and convenient for everyone.”

Grant’s proposal shares a draft sketch of a mural that will be produced on site in vibrant color and will share elements of cultural representation and ways art is made in our city, including culinary, craft, music and more.

The $5,000 contract is funded from the City’s 1% of capital projects commitment to public art.

Now that the artist has been selected, contracting and production will begin soon. Installation is expected early in 2021.