Art Ecologie wins Visiting Artist selection

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The City of Asheville is pleased to announce that Art Ecologie featuring: Monique Luck, Flavia Lovatelli and Francisco Gonzalez has been selected as the inaugural Visiting Artist.


Art Ecologie’s has proposed to transform the area with a multi-dimensional cube installation of metal/wood and bright imagery representing the past and the future, at the corner of South Market and Eagle streets.


With the primary artist selected, the program will move into the next phase, which includes the selection of local artist that will assist the visiting artist with the project. Two local artists will assist in the creation of the mural portion of the installation, and additionally, help with the panel installations on the cubes and working with the fabricator. Also, a local film student will be utilized to document the process, capturing the artistic venture of creating to depict loss — instilling pride in the midst of cultural, institutional obliteration, encouraging reflection in light of historical decimation and building a future of healing and growth for the African American community. Local artist selections will occur sometime in February.


Moving into spring, the community will have an opportunity to provide their input. The current plan is to conduct a minimum of three workshops. For the first workshop Art Ecologie member, Monique Luck and Flavia Lovatelli will lead a series of collage work. Local community members of all ages will be invited to bring items from the past, present and future. The community members will create mixed media collages. The community collages will be incorporated into the art installation. The goal is to invite community members to explore their connection to the past, their place in the present and future elements of rebuilding and repairing relationships and community.


Once the community engagement is complete, it will be time for the artist to get to work. Throughout this summer, the artists will work on the artwork, which will be unveiled in fall 2019.


View the proposal here.