ABYSA to share financial responsibility for JBL Soccer Complex maintenance, under new agreement

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Work began about two weeks ago at John B. Lewis Soccer Complex to repair damages caused by multiple flooding events in 2018. And a resolution adopted by Asheville City Council during its March 26 meeting puts in place an agreement for shared financial responsibility for future maintenance at the facility.


The City’s new lease agreement with Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association (ABYSA) allows the organization to lease the JBL Soccer Complex for $1 per year, for 12 years. ABYSA will manage the soccer fields, goals, benches, bleachers, scoreboards and field lighting and the supporting facilities consisting of two specific rooms in the building containing the concessions and meeting space. The City retains responsibility for the remainder of the property.


A significant change includes shared responsibility for ongoing maintenance, repairs after flooding events or other acts of God and long-term turf replacement of the fields. It establishes a fund for turf replacement and details the contributions by each party.


ABYSA will contribute $30,000 into the turf replacement fund the first year, with contributions increasing by 2 percent each year. The City will contribute $15,000 per year to this fund. In the event of flood damage to the property, the City will reimburse ABYSA 50 percent of the cost of repairs, with a maximum of $50,000 per fiscal year.


Find a copy of the staff report, Council resolution and lease agreement at this link.


This agreement supports Council’s strategic goals of a financially resilient city and a connected and engaged community.


Current soccer field repairs update

The City of Asheville has allocated $875,000 toward repair of JBL Soccer Complex, damaged during 2018 flooding. ABYSA has committed to contributing $200,000 to the City to meet the total repair cost of $1,075,000. The tentative completion date is June 9, but is dependent on weather conditions. As work is completed within portions of the complex and areas are determined to be safe, they will be re-opened for use.