2014 Asheville Way Awards spotlight exemplary service

Each year, the City of Asheville recognizes outstanding achievement and service by employees with the Asheville Way Awards. Nominees are proposed by their own colleagues and the winners of each category were named at a ceremony at the Dr. Wesley Grant Sr., Southside Center on Wednesday, March 12.


Below are the nominees for each category, with the winners in bold, as well as photos from the event. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved!

2014 Asheville Way Awards nominees

Continuous Improvement
James Bell, Parks and Recreation
Tim Bayless, Public Works
Ed Eads, APD
Steve Fridl, AFD
Stephanie Monson-Dahl, Economic Improvement
Steven Frey, Information Technology

William Allen Sr., Public Works
Joseph Meadows, AFD

Patrick Crudup, AFD
Robert “Rock” Jones, Public Works

Safety and Welfare
Bobby Austin, Public Works
Darlene Barnwell, Water
Roger Massey, Water
Michael Webb, AFD

Excellent Service
Randy Anders, Parks and Recreation
Nicole Hart, Water
Jakob Klodt, Public Works
Stephanie O’Conner, Public Works
Byron Silvers, AFD

Outstanding Leadership
Chris Budzinski, AFD
David Carr, Human Resources
Donald Fender, Public Works
Karen Gillespie, U.S. Cellular Center
Arther Hensley, Public Works
Joe Silberman, APD

Above and Beyond
Melody Cox, APD
Jeff Hair, Water
Eric Hardy, Finance
Jeremy Hyatt, Public Works
Diane Meek, Development Services Center
Michael Riley, AFD
Lisa Taube, APD

Rising Ster
Matthew Spielman Argonauta, Public Works
Rodney Arrowood, Water
Chris Corl, U.S. Cellular Center
Dakota Maynor, General Services
Joshua Kingry, APD
Daniel “Trey” Young, AFD

Outstanding Team
AFD Recruitment Team
APD Public Housing Team
APD South Central A Days
APD South Central B Nights
Engineering Project Team
Health Services Team
HVAC Controls Team
PRCA Trades Workers Team
Storm Damage Repair Team