Office of Outdoor Special Events – a division of the (new) Department of Community & Regional Entertainment Facilities

The Department of Community & Regional Entertainment Facilities manages a unique collection of sporting & entertainment facilities and operations. Over 1.5 Million people participate in programs or attend events at the facilities, including the Harrah’s Cherokee Center – Asheville, Arena, Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, WNC Nature Center, McCormick Field, Aston Park Tennis Center, John B Lewis Soccer Complex and events permitted by the City’s Office of Outdoor Special Events.

Permitting Outdoor Special Events on Public Property

including City Streets, Sidewalks, and Parks 


19-20 Outdoor Special Event Guide Cover Image

Outdoor Special Event Guide

A comprehensive overview of fees, timelines, policies, and production requirements including links to required forms and a production calendar to check the availability of public space in real-time.


outdoor special event resource librarySpecial Event Resource Library

A document of links to resources such as…

Supplemental application forms, information on event safety, food service, local event service providers, city property information and maps, and more. 



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Street Performer Guidelines

Permits are not required for sidewalk performers who wish to busk downtown during periods when sidewalks, streets, and parks are not otherwise reserved for outdoor special events.

Busking etiquette from the Asheville Buskers Collective – take two hour turns, watch your crowd size, keep your amps turned down and rules from the City – avoid obstructing sidewalks, doorways or streets and provide a minimum of 6 feet of pedestrian passageway. No selling or displays of any tangible good in exchange for money or donation is allowed. Performances may only be between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Map Image

(Temporarily Suspended) Special Event Location Map – 2 Week Outlook

The locations of permitted special events on public property are one of many features available to view within the Operational Layers on the City’s ArcGIS geographic information system. Click here to view a map of outdoor special event locations, timeframes, and event contact information. The map is updated once each week for the following two-week period. The ArcGIS system also allows for additional features to be added by clicking the Layers icon in the upper right-hand corner of the map. Additional features include the locations of nearby parking garages, public restrooms, ART bus routes and stops, bike routes, greenways, parks, streets, sidewalks, and public art.


Outdoor Special Events held on a Privately-Owned Property?

You will not need to consult with or apply for permits through this office for events held exclusively and entirely within indoor or outdoor privately-owned properties. Instead, please visit the Development Services Department located in the Public Works Building at 161 South Charlotte Street (828-259-5846) to apply for the appropriate temporary use permits with a residential or commercial permit facilitator.

A Temporary Use Permit Application for an event held on a privately-owned property will most often require:

  1. Site map showing details of proposed temporary uses
  2. Proof of property ownership or lease
  3. List of contractors (electrical, tent/inflatable rental services, construction) involved in the event
  4. An Emergency Action Plan

Electronic Submittal: To submit your application electronically, please use this form to attach and transmit the application with attachments for review.  Upon receipt of the submission, a permit facilitator will be in touch to collect fees and advise of the next steps.

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