Connect with a Community Resource Officer

asheville police in the community with students

Community Resources Officers (CROs) work closely with residents to fight crime and improve the quality of life in the community. These officers work to bridge the gap between law enforcement officers and community residents through problem-solving and crime prevention initiatives. CROs regularly attend neighborhood meetings and help to develop and maintain Neighborhood Watch Programs , carry out security inspections for businesses and residents upon request, present crime prevention programs and distribute crime prevention literature. Find the district you live in using The City of Asheville Police Beats and Districts Map.





Contact Information


The Asheville Police Department has a Community Resource Officer assigned to each of the City’s patrol districts:


West Asheville (Adam District) – Officer Alec Dohmann

North and East Asheville (Baker District) – Officer Sarah Baker

Downtown Asheville (Charlie District) – Officer Robert Crume

South Asheville (David District) – Officer Dennis Pace


Updated 9/8/2020