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Navigating local government can be confusing. Especially when you’re trying to figure out who to call regarding a street or traffic issue. They go to two different departments.

The Transportation Department handles the flow of traffic, such as crosswalks and traffic signals or signs.

The Streets Division handles the surface conditions, like potholes and resurfacing.


To help, here is a rundown of who to call for various issues our residents may encounter …


… from a tree down blocking a street to street lights and traffic signals. Need information about speed humps? We’ve got it. Want to know how to report graffiti? It’s here too.

Visit this Report an Issue page on the City of Asheville’s legacy website.

Our Customer Service Division can direct your inquiry to the right department too. Dial 828-251-1122.

The Report an Issue page also features links to the Asheville App and the City’s SimpliCity search engine, chock full of searchable neighborhood data. Besides this desktop interface, the Asheville App is a free downloadable app for your mobile device where you can make — and track — service requests.

Not sure who handles what? Visit the Report an Issue page to let us know how we may be of service.


Who ya gonna call? The City of Asheville!