Meet City Council

To share a message with all City Council members, email

Meeting and Event Requests

If you would like to invite the mayor to an event or request a meeting with the mayor, you can submit a request to:

Jenna Miller, Executive Assistant, City Manager’s Office
Phone: (828) 450-0383

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Name of Requestor
  • Purpose of Meeting
  • Contact Information: (both e-mail and phone are preferred)
  • Date of Event
  • Time of Event
  • Location of Event
  • Amount of Time Request (up to 1 hr in 15 min increments)
  • Date Requested
  • If the Mayor is unable to attend, are you amenable to a councilmember attending in the mayor’s stead? (YES or NO)
  • Any other request or pertinent information for the Mayor or Councilmember you are requesting

Note: If you are requesting a speaking engagement, please attach or e-mail information in relation to the topic and desired event format to

You may also contact the city manager’s office directly to schedule meetings with the mayor.

Contact Information

You may send an email to all Council members at this email address:

There are also opportunities to speak at Council Meetings. Read more about Council Meetings.

Updated 2/10/2022