Water Line Inspection

Project Construction, Inspection and Testing

Water line construction can only be performed by a North Carolina licensed contractor. Once construction begins, construction inspectors will periodically inspect the water line to ensure that the line and its appurtenances are being constructed as designed and as to the Standard Details and Specifications. As construction nears completion, the contractor is required to perform pressure testing under the observation of the inspector. Also, the contractor is required to schedule disinfection testing with the Water Resources Department by contacting the project inspector. Upon construction completion, the developer, engineer and contractor are required to complete the project close-out procedure before a final inspection can be done.

Project Close-out Procedure

In order to obtain final approval and acceptance of a water line project and to authorize the release for domestic or fire protection service, Water Resources Department's office needs to receive the following documents:

  1. Certificates of Completion
  2. Recorded Water Line Easement Documents (select document as applies, print on LEGAL-size paper, and submit the appropriate Buncombe County Recording Fee made payable to Buncombe County).  If these documents are not printed on Legal-size paper, Buncombe County will charge an additional fee.
  3. Recorded Easement Plat (see Plat Requirement Checklist)
  4. AutoCAD Record/As-built Drawing File on CDROM and Sealed Paper Copy (see Record/As-built Requirement Checklist - updated September 2018)
  5. List of Subdivision Lot 911 Addresses
  6. Back Flow Device Brand and Model Number

View the Project Construction and Close-out Procedure flow chart.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the following documents:

Close-out Checklist for Completed Projects
Engineer’s Certificate of Completion
Contractor's Certificate of Completion
Owner's Certificate of Completion
Corporation Easement Document
Limited Liability Company Easement Document 
Individual Easement Document
Plat Requirement Checklist
Record/As-built Requirement Checklist - updated September 2018
Construction Process and Close-out Procedure

Technical requirement questions:
Water Resources Department
P. O. Box 7148
Asheville, NC 28802
8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday
ATTN: Engineering Division Manager, Sonia Salgado, PE
(828) 259-5534
ATTN: Project Manager, Mark Letterman
(828) 232-4589

ATTN: Water Resources Engineering Technician, Marie Mohsen

(828) 259-5961


Close-out procedure questions
City of Asheville
Water Resources Department
ATTN: Senior Office Assistant
P.O. Box 7148
Asheville, NC 28802
(828) 259-5403
Inspection questions within the City limits Water Resources Department
ATTN: Engineering Services Manager, Chad Pierce, PE
P. O. Box 7148
Asheville, NC 28802
8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday
(828) 259-5420
Delivery address
Water Engineering / Water Resources
ATTN: Senior Office Assistant
Public Works Building
161 South Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC 28801