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Green Portfolio

Green portfolio

The City of Asheville's Green Portfolio provides information on City projects related to the area of sustainable gardening and/or agriculture.


Balsam Gardens

balsam gardens tillingBalsam Gardens is a full-scale urban farm located in Asheville, NC. The farm is dedicated to sustainable and ecological growing practices, producing fresh vegetables, flowers, and a variety of pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat. Balsam Garden’s products are available for purchase at local farmers markets.

The City helped Balsam Gardens to develop their urban farm by providing them with an agricultural lease for 11 acres of City land for the planting, caring for, and harvesting of crops and other incidental uses.  


For more information on Balsam Gardens visit their website



Danny's Dumpster
compostDanny’s Dumpsters is a local company working to help create a waste free WNC through enabling, educating, and inspiring people to dispose responsibly through composting and recycling.

The City helped Danny to expand his composting operation through a lease that provides him with approximately 5 acres of land for his compost processing facility. If you are interested in learning more about Danny’s operations or purchasing compost, visit their website.


Carver Edible Park

bee on flowerLess than a mile from the center of Asheville, one can find the George Washington Carver Edible Park. The Carver Edible Park was established in 2002 out of what was once a trash pile, using principles of permaculture, and features over 40 varieties of fruit and nut trees, vines, and shrubs.

The park is collaboratively managed by Bountiful Cities, The Buncombe Fruit Nuts Club, the City of Asheville, and volunteers.

For more information on the Carver Edible Park, please visit this website.


Asheville Greenway Edible Mile
Asheville’s Edible Mile is a one mile section of greenway along the French Broad River, slated for construction in 2017. The property is owned by Duke Energy, and the City has a long term lease. The Edible Mile will provide an area where citizens can enjoy community accessible edible plants and pollinator gardens that support Asheville’s Food Action Plan.

Click the image at left for a larger view of the map and additional information.

Visit the city's Greenways webpage.


City of Asheville Office of Sustainability 

Location: Asheville City Hall, 5th Floor
Mailing Address: PO Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802

Amber Weaver, Sustainability Officer