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Food Policy Action Plan

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The City of Asheville has adopted Resolution 17-257, which re-establishes the City of Asheville’s Food Action Plan in support of the Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Agenda. The City believes that all citizens should have access to healthy, nutritious food and the ability to cultivate, harvest, process, sell, share and trade food in order to thrive and empower their own resilience. The City has identified long term goals and action items that foster the food policy agenda.

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The City of Asheville recognizes that healthy food systems come from healthy ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems have robust populations of pollinators. Thus, the City has adopted Resolution 12-153, which designates Asheville as the inaugural Bee City, USA. Bee City USA is a collaborative initiative among backyard beekeepers, the Buncombe County Beekeepers Chapter, and the Center for Honeybee Research. The goal of Bee City USA is to promote healthy, sustainable habitats and communities for honey bees and other pollinators. The City of Asheville’s strategy includes cultivating pollinator plants and healthy ecosystems in support of local food production.

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City of Asheville Office of Sustainability

Location: Asheville City Hall, 2nd Floor
Mailing Address: PO Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802

Amber Weaver, Sustainability Officer


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