Policies, Data, & Reports

In a continuing effort to increase transparency and provide the community with readily accessible information, the Asheville Police Department has worked in partnership with several community members to make information and policies available to all residents. We will continue to work to make additional information available on this page.

Community Crime Map

Crime statistics

Community Crime Map allows users to choose a date range to view criminal activity (up to one year), to select which crimes to view and the opportunity to sign up for a neighborhood watch report that automatically generates an email breakdown of recent criminal activity specific to a particular area. The crime information can be viewed on a map or a data grid. Basic information about the incidents, such as the type of crime, location type, block-level address, and date and time, is also available. Instructions for using the community crime map. 


Crime statistics

Simplicity allows you to search for any address within the city limits of Asheville. Among many other features, SimpliCity provides crime statistics for the address. You can choose from several pre-selected date ranges and define the radius of your search parameter from an eighth of a mile to a mile. Crime information can be viewed on a map or in a data grid. Information provided is the type of crime, the date the crime occurred, block-level address and the incident number. The information can be downloaded into a .csv file.

Open Data Portal

Crime statistics and traffic stop data

Among a vast amount of information, the open data portal provides similar crime information to the Community Crime Map and Simplicity. By zooming into a map of the City of Asheville, users can view information specific to a crime - the date and time of the occurrence, incident (case) number and block-level address. The information can be downloaded in several formats including an excel spreadsheet, KML or shapefile.

In addition, the Asheville Police Department has recently made all traffic stop data from 2006 to present available through this portal. Three datasets have been made available and will be updated monthly:

  • APD Traffic Stop After October 1, 2017: This contains spatial data starting on October 1, 2017, when APD began collecting stop location coordinates and block level address information.
  • APD Traffic Stop Pre-October 2017: All traffic stop data stored in the Asheville Police Department’s Record Management System (RMS) made between 2006 and September 30, 2017. No location information is stored for these traffic stops.
  • APD Traffic Stop Name Data Table: This dataset includes information on the ethnicity, race, and sex of the driver and/or passenger involved in the traffic stop. This data set is complementary to the previous datasets.


Incident and accident reports

The Police to Citizen tool (P2C) was developed to make publicly available portions of most incident, arrest, and crash reports occurring after January 1, 2003, available to the public for instant download. If you are the victim of a crime or involved in a vehicle crash, this tool can assist you in obtaining a copy from your home computer.

In addition, P2C is a perfect companion to the Community Crime Map and Simplicity. Included in the additional information on a crime is the incident (case) number. Using P2C you can look for the incident/arrest report associated with this event by searching for the case number and date range. If a publicly available report is available you will be given the option to download a PDF document.

Department Policies & Forms


The Asheville Police Department currently has commonly requested policies available. Additional policies are forthcoming. To request a copy of additional department policies please contact challingse@ashevillenc.gov.

100 - Vision, Mission, and Principles 1300 - Traffic Enforcement
101 - Department Structure 1301 - Traffic Crash Investigations
102 - Command and Control 1302 - Auxiliary Traffic Services
200 - Written Directive System 1307 - Vehicle Towing
202 - Planning and Research 1308 - Speed Measuring Instruments 
205 - Accreditation Management 1401 - Staff Inspections
206 - Technology Use & Security 1404 - Animal Services
207 - Department Forms 1503 - Forensic Services
302 - Uniform Standards 1701 - Criminal Intelligence
 303 - Grooming and Appearance 1702 - Gang Intelligence 
304 - Unbiased Policing
1800 - Victim-Witness Assistance
305 - Social Media
1801 - Volunteers
400 - Authority, Jurisdiction, & Mutual Aid 
1802 - Chaplains Program
401 - Firearms
1803 - Reserve Officers
402 - Use of Force
1902 - Community Liaison Program
403 - Less Lethal Weapons 
2000 - Awards
501 - Crisis Intervention
2001 - Residency Requirements
502 - Involuntary Commitments
2005 - Military Leave
503 - Incident Reporting
2007 - Peer Support Program
504 - Domestic Violence 
2103 - Specialized Assignments
507 - Serious Incident Notification
2102 - Promotions
509 - Body-Worn Cameras
2200 - Training Administration
511 - Naloxone (Narcan)
2201 - Field Training Program
702 - Department Motor Vehicle Collisions
2202 - In-Service and Advanced Training
704 - Mobile Video Equipment
2300 - Discipline
801 - Missing Persons
2301 - Administrative Investigations
900 - Investigations Administration
2302 - Early Intervention System
901 - Crime Scenes and Evidence
SOP 3003 - Evidence Collection & Processing
903 - Interviews and Interrogations
SOP 3008 - Watch Command
1100 - Critical Incident Response
SOP 3102 - Body-Worn Cameras

- Blue text indicates a change from a previous version of the policy.
- Numbers in brackets are citations for CALEA accreditation standards - for example [1.1.1]
- The policy links inside of the PDFs only work internally for department employees.

Department Forms

Adult Waiver of Rights Form Mini-SARA Contact Form
Alarm Permit Application Noise Ordinance Violation Form
Alarm Permit Application (Spanish) Noise Ordinance Violation Appeal
Citizen Complaint Form Request for Forensic Services Examination
Citizen Complaint Form (Spanish) 
Ride-Along Request Forms
Collision Record (Less than $1000) 
Rights Advisement Form
Department Memo Template
Rights Advisement Form (Spanish)
Employee ID Request Form
SARA Worksheet
Escort Request Form Secondary Employment Request Form
Event Operational Guideline
Statement Form
Fax Cover Sheet
Statement Form (Spanish)
Hospital Guard Duty Log
Training Attendance Roster 


Internal Reports

2016 and before

 Asheville Police Department 2016 Annual Report
 Vera Institute De-Escalation Policy Workshop Summary (November 17, 2016)


2017 Professional Standards Annual Report
2017 CALEA (Accreditation) Assessment Report
APD Multi-Year Work Plan FY 17/18 to FY 19/20
Report to City Council on Traffic Stop Data (May 9, 2017)


 2018 Recruitment Plan
 APD Multi-Year Work Plan FY18/19 to FY20/21

FY 2018 Traffic Stop Reports

 21CP Solutions, LCC Reports

 Annual Report (2017)
 2018 Professional Standards Annual Report