Fire Emergency Services

The Asheville Fire Department serves the City of Asheville with its population of approximately 90,000 citizens and an area of 60 square miles. The City of Asheville has more than 7,700 establishments and 38,500 households and continues to grow. The Asheville Fire Department responds approximately 19,000 calls for service each year. About 55 percent of those calls are fire related, and 45 percent are for assistance with medical, special rescue and hazardous materials emergencies. All Asheville firefighters are certified EMTs, and many are also certified as Emergency Rescue and Hazardous Materials Technicians ensuring that the Asheville Fire Department can respond to a variety of emergencies with well trained firefighters.

Best Practices

RIT Critical Task Analysis Final Report

To ensure credible data for Rapid Intervention Operations, and to identify best practices for Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) staffing, training, and deployment, the Asheville Fire Department conducted a Critical Task Analysis for Rapid Intervention Operations. This was performed by measuring 16 fire companies across three shifts with an overall participation of 48 companies and 196 active participants. The conclusions from the compiled data resulted in two key findings. Those two key findings are: the crucial need for staffing and the significance of training. To read the full report click here: RIT CTA Final Report

International Accreditation

The Asheville Fire Department is Internationally Accredited through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. There are currently 196 Fire Departments worldwide who have earned this distinction. Accreditation is the evaluation of a fire department’s capabilities utilizing a continuous self-improvement process. Asheville Fire Department earned initial accredited agency status in 2005 and earned re-accredited status in 2010 and once again in 2015. This process includes identifying emergency risks in our community, then determining the probability and consequence of loss through a risk hazard analysis. Asheville Fire Department is 1 of only 19 agencies in North Carolina who have earned accredited agency status.

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The Insurance Services Office (ISO) provides data to the insurance industry related to a community’s capability to deliver fire protection. Insurance companies use this data to determine insurance premium rates for its customers. In North Carolina, this data is collected by the Office of the State Fire Marshal through an inspection every 5 years. This inspection results in the community receiving a rating from 1 to 10. A rating of 1 indicates the highest level of fire protection and a rating of 10 indicates no fire protection available. Asheville Fire Department is currently rated a protection of 2.

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Hazardous Materials

In response to the ever increasing possibility of accidents involving hazardous materials, the North Carolina General Assembly in 1994 passed legislation directing the Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety to establish a method of responding to hazardous materials emergencies on a regional basis.

This is where the concept of regional response teams came into play. The RRT program is available to supplement the efforts of local government hazardous material teams in incidents requiring a higher level of training and more sophisticated equipment, commonly known as technician level capability.

The RRT program is intended to protect the citizens and responders alike. It provides all communities, regardless of their size or population, with an effective professional response to hazardous material incidents in a safe, expedient manner.

The Asheville Fire Department Regional Response Team 6 responds to 20 of Western North Carolina's counties.

regional response team regional response team




To find out how to dispose of hazardous wastes, click here.

North Carolina Tier II Reporting Requirements


Tier II Administration: North Carolina Division of Emergency Management

Address:4714 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4714

Phone: 919-733-3327
Website: NC Tier II