North Charlotte Street

What is the City doing on North Charlotte Street?

Updated 10/25/18

Timeline: The City of Asheville has released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for design and engineering services for the Charlotte Street Road Diet and Safety Improvement Project.  The first public meeting is anticipated to be scheduled between January and February 2019. This is dependent on the consultant hiring process and we will update this timeline in the fall. 

Scope: The scope of this project has been designated by City Council. The Capital Improvement project will include a 4 to 3 lane conversion, milling and repaving Charlotte Street from I-240 to Edwin Street, stormwater improvements, multimodal bike improvements and spot safety improvements. Simultaneously, Planning and Urban Design staff will work with the community to review and update the zoning for the corridor.  This project does not include sidewalk, place making or utility improvements.

Budget: $1.25M is allocated for the design and construction of this project.

Background: This project does not include sidewalk, place making or utility improvements. City Council provided staff with guidance regarding the goals and expected deliverables from the Charlotte Street planning process. The amended adopted resolution from April 24, 2018 can be found here (page 4). 

The PED Committee of Council recommended that the project should focus on transportation improvements that make it a safer place for all. The preferred design goal for the corridor should be a road diet that provides space for bicycle and pedestrian improvements and encourages safer speeds. The design should include other spot improvements to the corridor like crosswalks and curb closings. Through this design process staff should analyze what they can accomplish to meet these goals within the existing budget of $1.25 million.

Staff will also review the current overlay district zoning for the corridor and report back to PED (and Council) with an update regarding the appropriateness of the current zoning, keeping in mind the goals of the upcoming Comprehensive Plan, and the redevelopment potential for parcels in the corridor. Council directed staff to include a consideration of options for addressing any needed amendments to the overlay, keeping in mind the constraints of current and future City budgets.  

What is the next step for North Charlotte Street?

Staff has begun to operationalize the directions given by City Council. We have developed the internal project management structure. We will continue to engage with stakeholders in the planning and decision making progress. Charlotte Street businesses and community members will remain a vital component in this project's success.

You can expect the first public meeting for this project to be scheduled between January and February 2019. More information will be shared as the schedule develops. To get updates on meetings and process check out this site or sign up for emails below. 

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What resources are allocated to this project?*

Staff: Several City departments are supporting this project including the Strategic Development Office in the department of Community and Economic Development, Capital Projects, Planning and Urban Design and Transportation staff. 

Financial: $1.25 M is available this project. These allocations may change based on Council priorities. The entire 5 year CIP is listed starting on page G-6 of the budget document here.

*Updated 08-16-18. These resources are subject to change based on Council priorities.

Additional Resources

The staff report produced for the March 12, 2018 meeting can be found here.

Slides from the presentation can be found here.

You can review Council direction here on page 4 for the the Charlotte Street Road Diet and Safety Improvement Project 


What plans and studies have been done for N. Charlotte Street?

1997 Traffic Study
City of Asheville (COA) Public Works and Transportation Engineering prepared the 1997 Traffic Corridor Analysis. Analyzes level of service, existing conditions (in 1997), traffic counts and accident data.

1999 Corridor Plan
COA Planning Department prepared the 2010 Asheville City Plan Charlotte Street Corridor Plan with community input. Plan includes history, existing conditions for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, traffic volumes. Includes recommendations for zoning and land use, multi-modal transportation and placemaking.

2002 Transportation Study
Kubilins Transportation Group, Inc. prepared Charlotte Street Transportation Enhancement Study for the COA. Analyzes level of service, existing conditions (in 2002), traffic counts and accident data. Evaluates current and future traffic volumes with three lane (road diet) and current four lane options.

2013 Transportation Study
VHB Engineering NC, PC prepared the Charlotte Street Corridor Study for the City of Asheville. Comprehensive traffic study assessing trade-offs for three lane (road diet) and current four lane option.

2016 Transportation Plan
Kimley Horn prepared Asheville in Motion (AIM) Plan. Addresses Charlotte Street and recommends improved bike and pedestrian facilities.

2018 Charlotte Street Crash Memo

City of Asheville Transportation Department Director prepared information for City Council and public on Charlotte Street crash data. 

2018 Red Light Camera Memo

City of Asheville Transportation Department Director prepared information for City Council and public on red light cameras in North Carolina.