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The Community & Economic Development Department manages outdoor special event consultations, permitting, partnerships, lease agreements, and city service coordination for all event and festival productions on city-owned propertysidewalks, streets, and parks. All outdoor special events on public property require receipt and approval of an application package. Please begin by reviewing the Outdoor Special Event Guide. In addition, we have developed the OSE Guide Quick Reference Tool in order save time and offer assistance with the application process. The tool is designed to provide information tailored to your event's specific permitting needs. 

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Quick Start Tip: In addition to the Outdoor Special Event Permit Application form, the following supporting documents are required to complete your application package and begin the review process.  The OSE Guide Quick Reference Tool will be extremely helpful in guiding you through all the different forms and requirements you will need to incorporate into your unique Event Application.

1.Site Map with layout of the event area. For races/runs/walks, include a Route Map with turn-by-turn directions. (OSE Guide, p.7, p.8, p.11, p.12, p.13, p.15)

2.Emergency Action Plan, at minimum using the template provided below. (OSE Guide, p.21)

3.Public Notice of Special Event form and for events with full street closures, a Documentation of Street Closure Notification form (OSE Guide, p.8, p.25)

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4.*Certificate(s) of Insurance listing the City of Asheville as certificate holder and additional insured. (OSE Guide, p.23)

5.Application Fee:  The event application package cannot be processed without the minimum application fee.

*An application may be submitted with certificate(s) of insurance identified as “pending”. If an event includes food vendors or safety sensitive contractors, which would require insurance in addition the primary event policy, please submit all certificates at one time with a cover sheet identifying each vendor/contractor. Please keep in mind that all insurance certificates must be received with ample time for processing by the Risk Manager’s office, which may result in a need for modifications. (DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE FINAL WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT.) The City will not approve an event without consent by the City’s Risk Manager.


Outdoor Special Events on Private Property: For special uses held exclusively within indoor or outdoor privately-owned properties, please visit the Development Services Department located in the Public Works Building at 161 South Charlotte Street to apply for the appropriate temporary use permits with a residential or commercial permit facilitator.  A Temporary Use Permit Application for an event on private property will most often require 1) a site map showing details of proposed temporary uses, 2) proof of property ownership or lease, 3) a list of contractors (electrical, tent/inflatable rental services, construction) involved in the event, and 4) an Emergency Action Plan.  If the temporary use includes the addition of alcohol to a space where it is not otherwise licensed, the appropriate ABC permit application must also accompany the submittal and we will obtain signature from the Asheville Police Department on your behalf.

General Support Materials

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Outdoor Special Event Forms 

Mobile Food Vending Pilot Program at 68 Haywood

Roadside Solicitation Forms

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