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Outdoor Special Events on Public Property

The Community & Economic Development Department manages outdoor special event consultations, permitting, partnerships, lease agreements, and city service coordination for all event and festival productions on city-owned propertysidewalks, streets, and parks. All outdoor special events on public property require receipt and approval of an application package. Please begin by reviewing the  Outdoor Special Event Guide before completing an application for a permit.

Prospective applicants are now provided access to a working calendar of the year's event projects in planning, including related space alerts, and permitted outdoor public space uses within Asheville City limits. Please note that the working calendar is updated in real time and includes private events that may not be advertised to the public. For the City's official calendar of confirmed public space events, visit this page.

There are two different options available to complete an application for outdoor special event permit. The online application system is the preferred option for most events, providing several advantages including the ability to save progress and return to continue at a later time, automatic generation of basic emergency action plan and the public notice form, upload option for site plans and insurance certificates, and electronic transmission of amendments as needed. The second option includes several individual pdf/doc forms to be downloaded and manually printed, faxed or emailed once completed. The pdf/doc option is often best for more complex events that would require more than one set of forms to describe varying event components, multiple dates/time frames, or involving a variety of separate locations. 


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General Guidelines & Production Support Materials

Supplemental Application Forms 


Application for Mobile Food Vending Pilot at 68 Haywood

Roadside Solicitation Policy

Outdoor Special Events on Private Property

For special uses held exclusively within indoor or outdoor privately-owned properties, please visit the Development Services Department located in the Public Works Building at 161 South Charlotte Street (828-259-5946) to apply for the appropriate temporary use permits with a residential or commercial permit facilitator.  A Temporary Use Permit Application for an event on private property will most often require:

  1. a site map showing details of proposed temporary uses,
  2. proof of property ownership or lease,
  3. a list of contractors (electrical, tent/inflatable rental services, construction) involved in the event, and
  4. an Emergency Action Plan

Contact Information

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Jon Fillman, Outdoor Event Manager
Phone: (828) 259-5738
Email: jfillman@ashevillenc.gov

Community & Economic Development Department
Asheville City Hall, 70 Court Plaza, 5th Floor
Asheville, NC 28801 

(Mailing Address: PO Box 7148, Asheville, NC, 28802)


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