Park Repairs Following Flood Damage


soccer goals damaged by flood


Happening Now

Update: September 21, 2018 - For the JBL Soccer Complex restoration, Astroturf has been awarded the bid and they are in the process of providing their line item cost estimates for us to do the required cost analysis. Once this is completed, a contract can be executed. Once the contract is executed, Astroturf will be required to begin work within 10 days and complete work within 50 days of beginning work, weather permitting.

The next update will be after the contract is executed.

Update: August 31, 2018 - The restoration contract for JBL Soccer Complex has been posted and will remain for the required 10 days. The scope of work requires that the contractor begin work within 10 days of being awarded the contract and complete the work within 50 days of beginning work, weather permitting.

At its July 24 meeting, Asheville City Council authorized a resolution for the City Manager to enter into contracts not to exceed $1.2 million to make repairs to City recreational facilities recently damaged by a flood. The specific facilities are Azalea Park/John B. Lewis Soccer Complex, Carrier Park, Asheville Municipal Golf Course and French Broad River Park. With the passing of the resolution, the City can execute contracts for the park repairs.

The City of Asheville was a joint applicant with other municipalities for FEMA disaster relief assistance. The application was approved at the state level, but then denied at the federal level on August 21. Governor Cooper has issued a statement that North Carolina will appeal the denial.

In order to qualify for reimbursements from FEMA, the City is required to follow strict federal guidelines including those regulating bidding and contracting. The City is continuing to work under the FEMA guidelines, in the hopes that the appeal by the state will lead to reimbursements in the future.

A bid package for flood remediation efforts at JBL Soccer Fields will be available by August 31 and other bids and contracts will be issued as needed.


After the rainiest May on record in Asheville, a May 30, 2018, flood damaged Asheville parks adjacent to the French Broad and Swannanoa rivers. Azalea Park, including the J.B. Lewis Soccer Complex, was especially hard hit, rendering the fields unusable until they can be cleaned and repaired.

An inventory of damaged park repairs includes:

Azalea Park

  • Turf clean-up and repair at the JBL Soccer Complex
  • Playground repair/replacement
  • Replacement/repair of park furnishings

Asheville Municipal Golf Course

  • Restroom building repair
  • Assessment of stormwater system

Carrier Park

  • Utilities infrastructure sub-surface damage

French Broad River Park

  • Infrastructure repair and riverbank restoration



May 30: Flood occurs, damaging multiple Parks & Recreation facilities.
June: FEMA tours and evaluates impacted areas. Parks & Recreation staff perform damage assessments, begin discussions with contractors for repair cost estimates
July 16: Proposal received from contractor with full scope of work for John B. Lewis Soccer Complex
July 24: City Council authorizes funding for park repairs
August 21: FEMA denies application.
August 31: Bid package posted for JBL Soccer Fields.
September 12: Bids are due.


Supporting Documents

Staff report to Council - July 24, 2018

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Sandra Travis, Program Manager