Police and Firefighter Disability Review Board

The Police Officers and Firefighters Disability Review Board consists of six members: one City Council Member (who shall serve as Chair), one member of the Asheville Police Department (elected by former members of the Asheville Policemen’s Pension and Disability Fund), one member of the Asheville Fire Department (elected by former members of the Asheville Firemen’s Pension and Disability Fund), one licensed medical doctor from within the corporate limits of the City of Asheville (appointed by City Council), two members appointed by City Council, and the City Manager (or his designee). The term of office is two years.

The board determines when supplemental payments should be made to members of the Pension and Disability Fund or their survivors. The board meets on an as-needed basis. The normal length of the meeting is one to two hours.




Member contact:  Vice-Mayor Gwen Wisler (Chair)


Updated 10/22/2019



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