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Police Reports and Records

The Records Unit is dedicated to providing public access to Asheville Police Department records including incident and accident reports. Copies of such records may be acquired from the unit as described below.

Personnel in this unit are responsible for taking non-emergency related reports, maintaining accident and incident reports and managing non-emergency phone communications. Citizens can obtain towed vehicle release information from this unit.

How to request a report

You may obtain a police report at no cost in one of three ways:
1) You may visit the Asheville Police Department's Records Unit located in the lobby of Police Department Headquarters (also referred to as the Municipal Building).
2) You may print off a copy of a report at home using the Police-to-Citizen tool.  
3) You may send your request with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Asheville Police Department Records Unit, P.O. Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802

How to get a towed vehicle released

If your car has been towed due to some police interaction other than a traffic accident.  The owner of the vehicle must go to the Central Records Unit at the Asheville Police Department (100 Court Plaza, downtown) with proof of identity (e.g., driver’s license, state issued ID or any other form of picture ID), along with proof of ownership of the vehicle (i.e., title, registration, dealership bill of sale or personal notarized bill of sale), to get a release form. The owner can then take the release copy to the wrecker company that towed the vehicle, pay the company any fees owed, and the vehicle will be released to the owner.

How to check on a warrant

To check on warrants that were taken out against you, or warrants that you have taken out on another person, you must contact the Buncombe County Magistrates Office located in the Buncombe County Court House.  This must be done in person.

 Fingerprints for employment and local criminal history check

If you need the above services, go to the Buncombe County Bureau of Identification located at 20 Davidson Drive, Asheville, NC 28801.  Please use the above link to find times of operation, identifications needed for services, costs and limitations on services.

Applying for a gun permit

If you would like to apply for a gun permit, you will need to go to the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office at 202 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801.  For more information on this service, please click on the above link or call the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office at (828) 255-5555


Asheville Police Department Records Unit
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday
Phone: (828) 259-5870
Jeanette Sams, Central Records Unit Supervisor
Direct Phone Line: (828) 259-5890