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The Criminal Investigations Division employs detectives who investigate a wide range of crimes, including homicides, suspicious deaths, robberies, aggravated assaults, motor vehicle theft, white collar crime and fraud. They also investigate burglaries, larcenies, crimes committed against juveniles, runaways, sexual assaults, and missing persons.

Detectives are assigned to the following geographical areas consistent with the patrol districts: West Asheville; North and Central Asheville; and East and South Asheville. Detectives are assigned a particular geographical area to enhance the development of detailed knowledge of crime trends and patterns as well as to promote relationships with the community.

If you have information related to drugs, please call the Drug Tip Line at (828) 259-5812.

Support Services:

Criminal Investigations Staff Directory

Name Email Contact Number Investigative Area / Title
Captain Stony Gonce 251-4095 Division Commander
Lt. Joseph Silberman 259-5921 Criminal Investigations
Major Case Unit
Sgt. Charles Wells 259-5812 Major Case Unit Supervisor 
Detective Sean Davis 271-6127 Major Case Unit
Detective Kelly Loiacono 259-5854 Major Case Unit
Detective Steve Coon 271-6135 Major Case Unit
Detective Jonathan Morgan 259-5866 Major Case Unit
Detective William Olson 259-5923  Major Case Unit
Detective Tracy Crowe 271-6128 Violent Crime
Detective Kevin Taylor 259-5945 Cold Case
Special Victims Units
Sgt. Angie Tullis 259-5471/ 250-6909 Special Victims Supervisor 
Detective Heavan Mitchell   Special Victims
Detective Brad Butterfield 250-6905  Special Victims
Detective Andrew Barker 250-6911 Computer Crimes
Detective Ian Luther 250-6912 Computer Crimes
Officer Doug Sheehan 250-6910 Special Victims
General Investigations Unit
Sgt. Mike McClanahan  259-5486  General Assignment Supervisor 
Sgt. Diana Loveland 271-6134 General Assignment Supervisor 
Detective Lara Raymond 259-5882 Property Crimes
Detective Christopher Dennis 259-5850 Property Crimes
Detective Scott James 251-4103  Property Crimes
Detective Phil Allen 259-5970 Property Crimes
Detective Kyle Weaver 259-5926 Fraud
Detective Brian Hogan 259-5930  Property Crimes
Detective Tony Johnson 259-5929 Property Crimes
Detective Travis Barkley 259-5931 Property Crimes