South Slope Vision Plan

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What is the City doing in the South Slope?

The South Slope Visioning process is a planning process led by the City of Asheville with the community and business stakeholders in the South Slope to develop a long term vision for the area.  Once the plan is finalized, it will be presented to City Council for adoption.  Staff will then work with the community to implement the community's vision for the South Slope. 


The South Slope Visioning Kick Off meeting is scheduled for November 16, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. at the Asheville Area Arts Council building located at 207 Coxe Ave. This will be a drop-in format meeting.

Design Workshop will be held on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.-12 the Asheville Area Arts Council building located at 207 Coxe Ave. We will schedule other follow-up meetings and post them here.


Who’s should attend?

You! As a member of the Asheville community and as a South Slope stakeholder, we want to hear from you. Please come to scheduled meetings or reach out to us separately if you have  input. Now is the time to let your voice be heard!


The objectives of the South Slope Vision Plan are to:

  1.  Assess existing and needed infrastructure that will support a growing tax base;
  2. Assess and prioritize multimodal transportation and streetscape and intersection improvements (in coordination with the Asheville in Motion Plan);
  3.   Promote quality development by identifying preferred land uses, strategies for encouraging innovative and sustainable forms of development, and evaluating city-owned property for its highest and best use;
  4. Contribute to a strong local economy by facilitating private investment, job growth, small business and entrepreneurship;
  5. Preserve and encourage a unique sense of place by celebrating the people and culture of the area, past and present.
  6. Ensure the safety of all who work, live and visit the district.

What is the South Slope?

The South Slope is the area of town south of the Downtown core. There is actually a little overlap between the Downtown and South Slope study area. Check out this map to see details. 


Related Projects

The South Slope Vision Plan will form the foundation for other projects happening in the next 3 years including: 


  •  Re-design of South Lexington and Coxe Avenues,
  •  Greenway Connector (River to Ridge) project- input will be gathered at the same time of the South Slope Visioning Plan,
  •  Biltmore and McDowell complete street feasibility study,
  •  Downtown Master Plan Update,
  •  Memorial Field and Mountain Side Park are bond projects and this visioning plan may inform redevelopment of these projects,
  •  Public parking policy and affordable housing development.

Your community representatives on the South Slope Advisory committee are:

  • Greg Benton, NC-DOT
  • Brent Campbell, Downtown Commission
  • Jon Creighton, Buncombe County
  • Brian DeWine, Asheville Tourists
  • Craig Jeffries, Asheville Downtown Association
  • Pat Kappes, Explore Asheville CVB
  • Jon Kemske, Downtown Asheville Residential Neighbors (DARN)
  • Jael Rattigan, SS Neighborhood Assn., French Broad Chocolate Lounge  
  • Crystal Reid, Lee Walker Heights
  • Meghan Rogers, Asheville Downtown Association
  • Kendra Turner, Asheville Brewers Alliance
  • Austin Tyler /Sonya Greck, Mission Hospital
  • Jason Walls, Duke Progress
  • Tobias Weas, Downtown Commission
  • Troy Wilson, NC-DOT

This sounds awesome! Who should I contact for more information?

Sasha Vrtunski
Urban Planner and South Slope Project Manager  

(828) 259-5560

Click for a larger view of the South Slope Study Area.


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