North Charlotte Street

What is the City doing on North Charlotte Street?

City staff will engage the community in the development of a Charlotte Street Corridor Plan in summer 2018. This planning process is taking place because City Council has identified N. Charlotte Street as an Asheville Innovation District, which are special areas where the City coordinates investments and resources to increase economic opportunities, promote safety and enhance sense of place. Once the corridor plan is finalized, it will be presented to City Council for adoption. Staff will then work with the community to implement pieces of the community's vision for the Charlotte Street Corridor. The City’s Capital Improvements Plan has over $1 million in funding slated to engineer and construct district improvements in future years.

When is the City going to start work on the North Charlotte Street area?

The Charlotte Street Corridor planning process is anticipated to begin in summer 2018. The following is an estimated schedule for work on this project, based on funding years. This schedule is subject to change.

Project Kick Off with Community: between July 2018 and September 2018

This includes initial outreach/community meetings, a visioning session that defines the purpose and some more specific goals of the project. Examples of goals for the project could include fixing major stormwater issues; creating more public space; improving safety for bicyclists; adding parking for businesses; reducing crime in the area- or many others.

Project Planning and Concept Design: between September 2018 and January 2019

This includes working on design alternatives with the community and testing their feasibility. The scope of work is narrowed down even more so during this time period, based on physical and financial constraints and the community's input. A final corridor plan is created and taken to Council for consideration to adopt as a guiding document for the next step in the process.

Project Design and Engineering: between January 2019 - April 2019

This is when engineers create a construction drawing package for prioritized and funded elements and the City gets more accurate construction cost estimates.

Project Construction: TBD

The time period for construction is unknown but could start as early as summer 2019 or as late as spring of 2020. Once construction drawings are about 75% complete, the City will work with the community and construction professionals to test the feasibility of construction schedules which could minimize impacts to businesses and other stakeholders in the area, make sense from a seasonal perspective (e.g. the City doesn’t usually pave in winter) and give taxpayers the best shot at good pricing.


What resources are allocated to this project?*

The Strategic Development Office in the department of Community and Economic Development is overseeing the Charlotte Street Corridor planning process. The following financial resources are currently allocated for the capital (physical infrastructure and other physical assets) parts of this project:

  • $200,000 is available starting in July of 2018, and
  • $1,050,000 slated for the FY 20 budget, which begins in July 2019.

These allocations may change based on Council priorities. The entire 5 year CIP is listed starting on page G-6 of the budget document here.


Updated 12-21-17
*These resources are subject to change based on Council priorities.


What plans and studies have been done for N. Charlotte Street?

1997 Traffic Study
City of Asheville (COA) Public Works and Transportation Engineering prepared the 1997 Traffic Corridor Analysis. Analyzes level of service, existing conditions (in 1997), traffic counts and accident data.

1999 Corridor Plan
COA Planning Department prepared the 2010 Asheville City Plan Charlotte Street Corridor Plan with community input. Plan includes history, existing conditions for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, traffic volumes. Includes recommendations for zoning and land use, multi-modal transportation and placemaking.

2002 Transportation Study
Kubilins Transportation Group, Inc. prepared Charlotte Street Transportation Enhancement Study for the COA. Analyzes level of service, existing conditions (in 2002), traffic counts and accident data. Evaluates current and future traffic volumes with three lane (road diet) and current four lane options.

2013 Transportation Study
VHB Engineering NC, PC prepared the Charlotte Street Corridor Study for the City of Asheville. Comprehensive traffic study assessing trade-offs for three lane (road diet) and current four lane option.

2016 Transportation Plan
Kimley Horn prepared Asheville in Motion (AIM) Plan. Addresses Charlotte Street and recommends improved bike and pedestrian facilities.